Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gross Contractual Violations by Wartsila

Wartsila Pakistan developed a lease/rental agreement with the plaintiff for a prerecorded interval of 5 years with effect from 15-08-2005 for property of the plaintiff. It was jointly contracted by the both parties (Wartsila-Pakistan & Plaintiff) that in case of abandonment or revoking of the agreement by any party before the expiration of the agreement, Lessee would have to pay the Lesser a sum either equivalent to 12 months of rent, or if the agreement is revoked in the last year, a sum of remaining rent amount would be paid by the one who violates the predefined terms and conditions.

When Wartsila Pakistan had to quit plaintiff’s rented property because of its new business requirements or existing worldwide economic crisis, an accord revocation notice was issued by the officials of Wartsila-Pakistan on 03-08-2009 for Plaintiff while alleging non-existence of essential amenities to evade petty disbursement arising out of agreement. Plaintiff was stunned by such unexpected change in posture by Wartsila since plaintiff’s assets and property were used by them devoid of restraint for more than four years. Hereafter the plaintiff sent a reaction to the notice of Wartsila Pakistan on 18-08- 2009. In return Plaintiff received a response by Wartsila Pakistan spitefully placing fake and giddy charges upon the Plaintiff of tempering the basic documents.

Plaintiff rebuffed all such accusations as it was neither feasible nor rational for the Plaintiff to temper or interfere the agreement and even if it is assumed that the plaintiff did that with his personal documents, how could that alteration also emerge at the documents in custody of Wartsila officials at Karachi Pakistan?

Wartsila being a reputed and a well-known organization and with revenues in Billions of Dollars yearly, we actually think that they should not trash their status for such a little amount.